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    Amla Jaborandi Hair oil is one such oil you can pick up to replenish the lost moisture and nourishment in your hair.

    Hair oils play a significant role in boosting hair growth, getting rid of dandruff, and improving the scalp health. We all travel for work, bike rides may be by cars, and expose our hair to external elements like pollutants, grime, and the most critical ones like the UV rays. These elements are responsible for spoiling the overall health of your hair. AMLA JABORANDI HAIR OIL nourishes your scalp from deep within, your hair is strengthened from root to tip.

    Quantity 100ml

    Key Features:

    • Amla is one of the richest sources of Vitamin C. It is also enriched with omega and Antioxidants naturally strengthens hair from root to tip.
    • Helps to give your hair lustrous look
    • Helps to moisturize the scalp
    • Makes hair freezefree and easily manageable
    • Adds a shine to the hair
    • Improves the volume of hair
    • Helps to lock the moisture of the hair

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  • DP: 77 | BV: 19.25



    Better U Bio Active Oil nourishes deeply and repairs the surface lipid layer of hair to reduce frizz, enhance softness, and improve manageability of rough hair.
    Better U Bio Active Oil contains natural and pure oils cold pressed olive oil, cold pressed castor oil, rosemary oil, cold pressed almond oil, cold pressed jojoba oil, and cold pressed rosemary oil, tea tree oil. The ricin oleic acid present in castor oil improves blood circulation to your scalp. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E that helps fight hair loss. Almond oil nourishes and strengthens your hair, and is optimal for treating hair loss and damaged hair. Rosemary has been used for centuries to not only stimulate hair growth but also delay graying. Jojoba oil acts as a moisturizer for dry or damaged hair.

    Better U Bio Active Oil comes with the goodness of:

    ☆ Olive Oil
    ☆ Castor Oil
    ☆ Almond Oil
    ☆ Jajoba Oil
    ☆ Rosemary Oil
    ☆ Tea Tree Oil
    Quantity 100 ml


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  • DP: 3 | BV: 0.6



    BetterU GLEAM SHAMPOO is an advance formula for hair care. It is enriched with nutritive serum making hair fibre soft to touch, and helps to manage your frizzy hair. It is a pH balanced shampoo that can help you keep your permanent hair color looking fresher longer. It helps to maintain your hair looking cleaner longer. It is made from natural extracts of Aloe Vera and Amla.
    Quantity 5.5 ml


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  • DP: 72 | BV: 18



    Frio Frio Ayurvedic Hair Oil with 5 active herbal ingredients.
    Quantity 100 ml

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  • DP: 280 | BV: 70



    BetterU HAIR SERUM is introduced to protect your hair from the damage of harsh shampoos, or soaps, hair dyes, hair colours, harsh water and weather conditions.
    BetterU HAIR SERUM is a silicone free formula that repairs hair structure avoiding split ends and hair breakage. Smoothens the hair cuticle, reduces frizz and gives you softer and silkier hair. Its powerful herbal formulation of Carrot Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Olive Oil, and Vitamin E. Argan oil is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids, it restores softness and silkiness and adds shine to your hair. Carrot Seed Oil contains powerful antioxidant that protects your hair from harmful effects of UVrays. It is antimicrobial and antifungal in nature.
    Quantity 100 ml

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  • DP: 399 | BV: 140



    BetterU HAIR WASH is a premium quality of shampoo that is designed to safely cleanse your scalp, leaving it soft, shiny, healthy and conditioned. It is a paraben free formula that provides nourishment with every wash. It is designed to enhance volume of your hair. As it penetrates each strand to repair the damage caused by harsh chemicals. It’s a powerful hair strengthening and hair repairing formula that gives you tangle free and frizz free hair.
    Quantity 200 gms

    BetterU HAIR WASH contains Linalool which is naturally found in lavender, and can help to strengthen hair roots and stimulate follicles.

    Citric acid present helps to improve the scalp condition by getting rid of the dandruff and it increases the flow of blood.

    Limonene is a rich source of vitamin C that helps to grow hair long and make them strong. It strengthens hair follicles thereby reducing hair fall. It adds life to dull, and frizzy hair.

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  • DP: 5 | BV: 1



    BetterU Mellow Hair Conditioner
    Quantity 5.5 ml

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  • DP: 199 | BV: 50



    BetterU Shampoo is designed to gently cleanse the scalp and provide deep nourishment to hair roots. It helps to make hair strands soft, tangle free and enhances the overall appearance of damaged hair.
    • BetterU Shampoo removes the unwanted buildup of sebum in the hair without making it extra dry and unmanageable.
    • The sulphate ingredient acts as a surfactant that makes it easier to trap oil and grease.
    • It is sui for all hair types.
    • Citric acid helps to improve the scalp condition by getting rid of the dandruff and it increases the flow of blood. 
    Quantity 500 ml


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    DP: 76 | BV: 15



    BetterU Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

    Quantity 100 ml


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  • DP: 200 | BV: 50



    BetterU Beard Oil

    Quantity 50 ml


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  • DP: 210 | BV: 52.5



    If you’ve ever looked down at your black top to find “snowflakes” dusting your shoulders, you know just how embarrassing and uncomfortable dandruff can be. Our Dandruff Removal Shampoo provides extensive moisturization that keeps dryness at bay, giving your hair a soft, smooth and dandruff-free texture!

    Key benefits:

    • It helps to keep the scalp healthy and hair beautiful with its activated moisturizing formulae.
    • Its zinc-based activators calm the itchiness keeping the hair more radiant.
    • It helps in controlling oiliness of the scalp.
    • It contains Zinc Pyrithione as the key ingredient that fights the fungus causing dandruff.
    Quantity 500 ml


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    DP: 150 | BV: 37.5



    BetterU Hair Gel

    Quantity 60 gm


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  • DP: 399 | BV: 100



    Protects hair from pollution while covering the hair .Makes hair silky smooth. Restore the health and shine of your hair with the Daily Shine Conditioner from BetterU.

    Key benefits:

    • Premium, replenishing conditioner that infuses strands with moisture
    • This nourishing conditioner will leave your hair softer, silkier and shinier
    • It is infused with hydrating mineral complex and essential nutrients
    • Revives brilliance of the hair and protects against daily aggressors
    Quantity 200 gm


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  • DP: 399 | BV: 100



    Our Premium Hair Wash contains gentle surfactants, to provide a high luxurious foaming lather. Fully formulated and pre-preserved, our Premium Hair Wash only requires the simple addition of colour, fragrance and additives to create a range of finished products.

    Key benefits:

    • Strengthen hair roots and stimulate follicles.
    • Improve the scalp condition by getting rid of the dandruff & increases the flow of blood.
    • Rich source of vitamin
    • Makes hair long and strong.
    • Strengthens hair follicles
    • Reducing hair fall.
    • Adds life to dull, and frizzy hair.
    Quantity 200 gm


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  • DP: 275 | BV: 68.75



    Sweet Bliss Hair Mask is enriched with coconut & banana extracts. You have naturally great hair. To pamper it well, we roped in nature itself. Treat your hair with Sweet Bliss Hair Mask featuring a delicious blend of banana and coconut extracts.

    • Paraben and Sulphate free 
    • PETA Certified
    • Coconut & banana extracts
    • Formulated without silicones and mineral oil

    Key benefits:

    • Rich in antioxidants
    • Improves appearance, health & texture
    • Reduces hair damage and loss 
    • Helps in moisture retention & nourishment
    • Strengthens hair and reduces breakage
    • Promotes shiny & silky hair
    Quantity 100 gm


    20 in stock

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