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    Oiling is essential to keep your baby’s hair soft and nourished. Regular oiling helps to provide moisture to the scalp and increases blood circulation.

    Baby cries when combing and oiling the hair and scalp as their skin is sensitive and hairs are prone to tangle. If you want your baby to be happy when combing, it is ideal to choose the right baby hair oil that not only nourishes hair but also prevents frizzy & tangled hair, and moisturizes the scalp. Brave Kids Baby Hair oil penetrates the baby’s hair roots and promotes healthy hair growth. It is a rich blend of olive and almond oil, which helpful for soft and smooth hairs. Some researches show that applying olive oil to your baby’s scalp is known to prevent scalp issues such as dandruff, dryness and other scalp issues that may lead to dry & flaky scalp whereas Vatada or almond, gives the delicate baby hairs the right balance of nourishment & growth making them more charming and beautiful.

    Key Features:

    • Enriched with rich oils, such as almond, olive for soft and silky hair.
    • Herbal baby oil that helps in hair growth while nourishing your baby’s hair and scalp.
    • Enhanced hair growth.
    • Natural calm sensation.
    • Remove flaky scalp.
    • Eco-friendly & Free from parabens, silicone, phthalates and synthetic colours.
    • CRUELTY FREE: We care about our furry friends. That’s why we never test our personal care products on animals.
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    Brave Kids Baby Lotion is formulated from natural ingredients to keep your baby’s skin soft and protected. It is gentle and safe for use on baby skin.
    Key Features:
    • Specially formulated to moisturize baby’s skin.
    • Excellent moisturizer with the power of Almond Oil, Olive Oil & Vitamin E nourishes and keeps your baby’s skin healthy & moisturized.
    • Protects and maintains baby’s delicate skin barrier.
    • Free from paraben and synthetic colour.
    Quantity 100 ml


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    Baby Massage Oil is infused with the goodness of natural ingredients like sesame oil and almond oil that provide safe, mild and pure massage experience to baby.

    It strengthens bones & muscles and improves skin elasticity. Baby Massage Oil is an Ayurvedic blend of essential oils like Almond and Sesame oil. The properties of the oils give your baby healthy bones and nourished skin. It’s also free from harmful chemicals, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances.

    Sesame oil is enriched with Zinc, it helps to improve skin elasticity & protects from sunburn and harmful UV rays and almond oil nourishes and protects the skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the whole day.

    Key Features:
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Helps to maintain healthy bones and muscles.
    • Improves blood circulation throughout the body.
    • Helps to make skin glowing and lusters.
    • Soothes baby’s skin.
    • Helps to relieve dry skin.
    • Gets easily absorbed in baby’s skin.
    Quantity 100 ml


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    Brave Kids Little Angels Baby Soap is designed to cleanse baby’s delicate skin without causing postbath dryness. It is enriched with Jaitun oil and Vatada oil that softens and protects skin, preventing it from chafing. You can rely on Little Angels soap for a fun filled bath time for your baby. This baby soap is infused with the vitamin A rich vatada oil protects your child’s tender skin from germs and infections. It is Hypoallergenic and contains no harmful chemicals, you can be sure your baby’s skin is in safe hands with this baby soap. Your baby’s skin will feel wonderfully soft and thoroughly refreshed.
    Quantity 75 gm
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Goodness of jaitun oil and vatada oil
    • No harmful Chemicals
    • Antioxidant
    • TFM 78

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    The baby’s sensitive skin is vulnerable to a lot of impurities and pollutants which may affect their skin health. Washing your baby’s body with a safe and chemical free formulation is beneficial for their skin and hair health. Nowadays, there are many shampoos & body washes available in market that may guarantee soft skin and silky hair, but the chemicals in them can do more harm than good. Brave Kids Baby Wash & Shampoo is Baby care product specially designed with natural ingredients, which helps wash away attracted dust & impurities. Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem are the main ingredients which are well known for their antiseptic and antiinflammatory properties acting as a blessing for baby’s skin, scalp and hair.
    Quantity 120 ml
    Key Features
    • Tear free formula that gently cleans your baby’s delicate skin and hair without drying
    • Formulated with calming Aloe Vera, Tulsi and Neem our gentle Baby Wash & Shampoo rinses clean, leaving a soft, fresh scent
    • Tear free, paraben free and sulphate free formula
    • No Harsh Ingredients: No sulphates (SLS, SLES, SCS), salicylates, parabens, animal byproducts (crueltyfree), perfumes, or dyes

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    Lively nappy rash cream is a comprehensive herbal formulation to soothe rashes, occurring due to diaper edges rubbing against soft baby skin

    Frequent contact of a damp diaper against a baby’s bottom causes redness and rash. To nurse this discomfort, clean your child’s skin gently, pat it dry and apply the protective, soothing Lively nappy rash cream for effective healing and soothing. The key ingredients include Yashada bhasma that helps to soothe rashes quickly by keeping the skin cool and dry. Aloe Vera with its antibacterial and astringent properties, is often used in skin ailments like eczema. The Aloe Vera in this rash cream thus hydrates and restores the affected area. Liberal use of the cream during each diaper change, especially on the gentle skin folds that are prone to maximum irritation, will ensure you that your child’s skin is free of rashes throughout the diapering age.

    Key Features:

    • Lively Nappy Rash Cream promotes effective healing and soothes red, irritated skin, and forms a protective layer on baby’s skin.
    • Effective for the management of diaper rashes.
    • Relieves rashes, redness & irritation naturally.
    • Keeps baby&rsquos skin soft and comfor.
    • Relieves dry, itchy, irritated skin due to eczema.
    • Steroidfree, parabenfree & phthalatefree.
    Quantity 60 gms


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    Ok Lifecare Brave kids is advanced blend of essential nutrients for the overall growth of children. This blend contains vital proteins and essential fatty acids (DHA, EPA, MCT and Omega-3 fatty acids), micronutrients that supports brain development, enhances memory, boosts immunity, improves physical performance, eye function, healthy skin and supports 3D growth of your children.
    Dosage: 10-20 gm (3 tablespoons) in a glass of water or milk or as suggested by Health expert.
    Quantity 200 gm


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